UMA 101: Getting started

The starting point on your journey with UMA. In this series we gain an understanding of how UMA works, and what benefits it can bring to a project. We examine all the of the components needed to get up and running, build a simple character creator scene and start putting expressions onto our character. This course is designed to get you up and running with UMA with no prior knowledge.



UMA 201: Creating Content

In this second series on working with UMA, we take a look at creating custom content for our characters using Blender. We start by creating new overlays to give our characters tattoos and makeup. We move on by taking clothing models from an existing asset and preparing them to work with UMA. Finally we have a look at how UMA handles materials and get our own custom shader working with our characters.



UMA 201: Creating New Races

This third UMA course tackles the more complicated task of creating a new UMA race from scratch. We take an Adobe Fuse model and prepare it for use with UMA using Blender. We look at solving some of the common problems encountered when converting 3rd party models and fix them. This series also covers how to add adjustment bones and blendshapes to our newly created character, as well as creating our own UMA DNA.